Why become an affiliate?

We need to work together to reach as many people as possible.

We want to help everyone but this is not possible so the next best thing is to help as many as possible. And if we work together we can help many more than we would be able to alone.

Do you also want to help to make people healthier, fitter and happier?
Do you want to be paid to help others? It is a win-win project.

Then apply now!

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Store Affiliates


There’s nothing more rewarding than helping others to become healthy and happy.

You don’t need to have exceptional skills to help others. You just need a kind heart and the opportunity. The kind heart is all up to you ;-). We give you the opportunity as an affiliate.

We have created all you need to help others:

  • images you can share
  • text links you can share

If you need any assistance or have special requests our team is always there to help.


Share, share and share again.

It’s effortless because we do it everyday.

In these times of social media it is so easy to help others, just share it wherever and whenever you can and remember you are helping others you aren’t selling anything.

You are convinced that everybody needs to start working everyday to stay healthy. Time to work not as a job but start making the time to get healthy again. So help them and spread the word as much as you can, everyday!



Receiving money to help others, a win-win for you and your friends.

Money makes the world go round and we know that money can help a little to motivate you to take some action. Wouldn’t it be great to help your friends, your family, your neighbours, your co-workers, your associates to become healthier and make some money doing so?

For every sale made from someone following your personal affiliate link(s) you receive 25% of the total sales amount. 


Sowing and Harvesting.

Grow and earn a lifetime on referrals.

Refer 1 time and earn a lifetime. Every referral stays your “customer” lifelong. Even if the customer doesn’t buy straight away our websites registers it and you will earn money the next time he/she buys anything on the website.

Sow now and harvest for the rest of your life.